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Duration 97 minutes.

The story revolves around four guys, their families for many generations in possession of magical powers are to be passed from father to son. When the four get these powers, they begin to play around with it, and later with the evil consequences of their attempts beginners face.

Ipswich Colony in Massachusetts, in 1692: Five families, all with extraordinary powers, join together to form a pact of silence. Only one family that is hungry for more power, is banned and then disappear without a trace. Until today. Ipswich today: Caleb, Reid, Tyler and Pogue are students at the elite Spencer Academy school to do a normal youth with stress at school, parties and first love.

In fact, they are the descendants of the settlers of Ipswich and has the same special powers as has been their ancestors. They are faster and stronger than their peers and can also move objects with the pure power of thought. United by their common origin, the four boys are inseparable. But when one of her classmates is found dead after a party, they begin to suspect each other. Gradually get the secrets that are told about the mysterious pact to light. What has for centuries protected the families of the four guys seem to be fatal to them now.

Director: Renny Harlin
Screenplay: J.S. Cardone
Producer: J.S. Cardone, Tom Rosenberg, James McQuaide, Gary Lucchesi
Camera: Pierre Gill

Wendy Crewson:    Evelyn Danvers
Stephen McHattie:    James Danvers
John Robinson:    Attendant Byers
Steven Strait:    Caleb Danvers
Laura Ramsey:    Sarah Wenham
Jessica Lucas:    Kate Tunney
Sebastian Stan:    Chase Collins
Toby Hemingway:    Reid Garwin
Chace Crawford:    Tyler Sims
Taylor Kitsch:    Pogue Parry

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The Covenant 2 Trailer

25 Responses to “The Covenant 2 Trailer”

  1. amy says:

    i first seen this movie about 2 years ago n i loved it… my thing is is that it left it wide open at the end for a second movie… why dont they make a second covenant??? i no that i would definatly watch it everychance i got….

  2. chris says:

    because on the rotten tomato put them in the worst of the worst list. :( im sad i wish they would have made a seconde one :(

  3. meriem says:

    i like it so mush and i wish well be a second part all the best :)

  4. jessica lombson says:

    I really like this film.. This is a amazing film with it’s actor Steven Strait as Caleb Danvers..He’s very handsome and cool.. I love him :*

  5. Erika says:

    It is very unlikely because it has been 6 years since the release of the first one. But they have left it open so there could possibly and hopefully be a sequel. Who knows though, there are lots of movies that have been made recently when the previous one came out years before..It seemed to me it wasn’t finished, i think they still have a final battle yet ahead of them. All well, i guess time will tell. I love this movie so much, never get enough of it! If they make a second, which they probably won’t, they should have all the characters in it from the previous movie! and the same director, producer, screen writer so it will become as successful as the first. If they do go ahead and make another one, i hope it will be as successful as the first one! Fingers Crossed xx

  6. steph h says:

    I own the first movie and after 6 years I still watch it. I just got done watchin it with my oldest son lol… and he just asked me if they made a second one? I tried to see if they ever did and no luck. if I had the source I would so try to contact the first cast and help it grow from there. I know everyone is waitin for it.

  7. prentice smith says:

    I reallyyyyyyyyy hope u guys make a new one

  8. K says:

    I seriously am waiting for a second covenant movie I love the first one and I think a second would b a hit!! Caleb, reid, poke, and tyler are all hot. theyre only 2 years older then me and if I had the chance id date all of them lol but a second movie is a def…..i cant decide which guy is hotter….call me boys HAHA!!!!

  9. Caboose says:

    and it’s comments like that /\, that destroy the acting in good movies. the characters they portrayed were 17-18. the actors were Caleb (steven strait)20, reid (toby hemmingway) 23, “pogue” (taylor kitsch) 25 and tyler (chace crawford) 21. check if you wish at

    but actors as they are employed to do, usually are acting, including their age

  10. Toya B says:

    I have bought this movie three times since someone either borrows and never returns it or just flat out takes it! I love it so much I put it up there with THE LOST BOYS and hey that got a sequel like 20 years later! But lets PLEASE NOT WAIT THAT LONG FOR THE COVENANT PART 2!

  11. Carollina says:

    The first time watching The Covenant, I do not care film much.
    But, after the Sons of Ipswich airport by car jump terlonjak jurang. Aku surprised and I knew this would be a very good movie.
    SIIIP for The Covenant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Abi says:

    The Covenant is a great movie. A sequel to the first movie would be awesome but only if the cast is the same. The first movie was super awesome and I don’t think a second would surpass the first but its worth a try, eh?

  13. Gabi says:

    I would very much had the second part of this movie … in the end left open that possibility, which leads us to believe that the expected income at the box office was not achieved … it’s a shame .. I really wanted the second part ;/

  14. irma suryani says:

    i wish there’s part 2 :)

  15. Michael says:

    The covenant made between 46 to 50 million dollars by January 2007 Now maybe that isn’t a lot by recent. Movie standards it was a great movie and if the first one made that much and got three stars is that not good enough to get a sequel?

  16. Shelbee says:

    I Would LOOOOVVVEEE It If They Made A Second One! This One Was Awesome(Rotten Tomato Is The Worst -_-) The Visual Effects Were Good, The Plot Line Was Great & The Casting Was PHENOMENAL. Hopefully The Directors See All Of These Requests For A Second Movie & Make It!

  17. Mecdon says:

    I really lovr this movie, it is very intresting. I hope part two of is available.

  18. madisson says:

    thats the problem theres no part 2 i don’t like this!!!!!!!!!

  19. madisson says:

    why when people like the movie you never do the second part thats not fair

  20. sharon says:

    love this movie ready for part 2

  21. Rushdic says:

    I love This movie very much. I will waiting for second and third parts. Congrats to that movie Producers, Directors, Camera Man, Actors, and all of them. I Love You.

  22. Cool says:

    This is part one guys, and part 2 comes soon..

  23. Ray says:

    I personally feel this movie would be a hit in the box offices because of the fact it has that ery feeling like recent films such as Twilight.. It was probably just the wrong timing for this movie to come out when it did, but now I feel it would be a PERFECT time to get back to the drawing board and finish the story behind The Sons Of Ipswich.

  24. Melly says:

    A second movie was never made because it wasn’t popular enough when it came out – it’s still not a popular film. The Harlin and his actors were up and ready to make the second film; however, the first film didn’t make enough money so nobody would invest in a second.

    If something lost you money in the first round, would you invest in the second round when you know it’s going to be the same?

    As much as I’d like to see a second film, if I were a production company, I wouldn’t waste the time and effort on it.

  25. Bob says:

    Pleaseee make a second, pleasee!!!!