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Since the film was a commercial failure, and many fans of the highly successful Eragon books were disappointed by the film, the chances of a further Movie extremely bad. However, there is a glimmer of hope.

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Eragon 2 Movie Trailer

240 Responses to “Eragon 2 Movie Trailer”

  1. lisa mclean says:

    they shud release a sequel to eragon it was an amazing film despite wether it follows the books as it made a good watch for someone who has not read the books :)

  2. Skrem says:

    I agree, I enjoyed it completely. There is a big lack of dragon based fantasy flicks and eragon, regardless of its continuity to the novels, was a refreshing change to the movie theatre’s average yearly playlists. I speak for a small group of people when I say that I would be excited to see the movie franchise finish. Obviously the chances of them finishing what they started are poor considering their minimial revenue from the first movie, but if more people acknowledged the work and filmography, instead of complaining about everything all the time, there would be a much larger variety of movies of all degrees. Honestly, there needs to be more fantasy novel adaptations to the big screen.

  3. mr.lexutzu says:

    A film (eragon 2 movie) so beautifully, so little note. I suppose that those who voted were only looked at the trailer and that, two minutes and said ‘suck’. The film is super nice, do not understand why it has a small note but that’s …

  4. Mr.TiC says:

    I agree with Screm (2. reply)!
    I loved the movie, and was eagerly awaiting the story to continue in the next movie, which didn’t come out by my disapointment :(

    It would be pity to leave the story at the end of the 1st movie.. I can’t agree with those who say the movie is “trash” and that the actors are “bad” because, in my opinion, that’s not true. The 1st movie must be continued so the franchise can grow and be more known and acknowledged.
    …Lord of the rings has 3 movies, I bet it wouldn’t be so popular with only the 1st movie.
    I hope you get what I mean :D

  5. tj says:

    I liked the first movie and many of my friends did as well. I don’t know why they didn’t make a second one after leaving the ending of the first one open like that. I would have gladly payed $20 to go see it at the cinema and countless others probably would to.
    It’s really quite pointless to have a movie that deserves a sequel to only have one movie. Thats what makes them so bad.

  6. wayne says:

    i liked the first film and would like to see a second but the trailers for eragon 2 are actually the original

  7. imdat kneega says:

    NASTY PICE OF S**T!!!!

  8. rdt21 says:

    My son and i truely loved the Eragon movie. It has become something that we share together. There needs to be a second and a third like the original trailer promised. It is sad that money gets in the way of keeping a promise. The Twilight series doesn’t do the books justice but millions have seen them. Now might be a great time to release another one because of movies like Percy Jackson. I have never read the books but I, like countless others, am a visually stimulated person.

  9. Jessica Smith says:

    I loved the first movie, I have been checking periodically for a sequel. I mean people wasted their money to see “junk” like “jack ass”, “meet the zohan” and let not forget the new age spoofs of movies like zombies suck, etc… I would much rather spend my hard earned money on a good down to earth movie like eragon 2!!

  10. Tareai says:

    I really enjoy eragon and would really like for part 2 to be relased soon I never read the books and I don’t plan to. I have watch eragon more than 10 times and have not gotten tired of it let. Please make the sequel . Thanks a huge fan

  11. jessica says:

    tjs right the make these amazing movies with no end promising a sequel and lie about it over some technicality that aint even real they need to make a eragon 2 and 3 and….. i would also pay 20or more to see the rest of the movies we derive them not broken promises

  12. Dean says:

    I agree, iv never read the books but i loved the movie the first time i watched it, how do u leave a movie like that! The ending just left me wanting more!!!

  13. sap says:

    but they should do a seconed movie cuz the first one ended like it has to be an seconed one even if the first one suck’s and the bock is much better (yes i hsve read the bock).

  14. sap says:

    everyone here says that the film was good that’s maybe cuz your havent read the bock so plz stop saying ”i wonder why everbody says that the movie suck’s” well read the bock and you will know why.

  15. Fg78 says:

    my daughter, son and I loved this film and would love a second film. Yes it may be nothing compared to the books but isnt that always the way. My daughter and son are 4 and 7 so to you who said read the book they cant, it’s a good kids fantasy film and there aren’t enough dragon ones. My daughter loves dragons

  16. Bullet says:

    I am dissappointed to hear that the second movie of Eragon was not released. This is one of a very few fantasy movies that I enjoy watching again and again. I would love for a second and would purchase it in a minute!

  17. n2autigers says:

    Watched Eragon for the first time today. Went online to see if the sequel was out yet. Very disappointed to find out it was not. It did not suck. Some of the greatest actors of our time. J. Irons. J. Malkovic? Wish I had time to read books but I don’t.

  18. Jared says:

    I’ve read the books but who cares the book is always 100% better then the movie
    Twilight is crap on movie but very good in book I say that cuz not a fan of the sparkally vampires
    Any movie made from a book is always not gonna have the full freakin story in a 2 and a half hour movie is for people to sit down and enjoy a really good movie. I’m downright pissed they won’t make a new one theyve done it before on good movies and for a citizen to go and have to pay to watch a this great movie and not get to be aloud too say something (: 100% bullshit

  19. chaz says:

    def need a second i fell in love with the first one.. this is a type a movie tht needs more!!! but use same characters otherwise itll be knock off then will indeed suck.. same voice for the dragon as well.. would pay 100k for the new movie to be produced

  20. tim26 says:

    They do need a second part I loved the first movie so did my whole family we can’t wait for part 2

  21. kratos says:

    love the movie and the GAME!!!!! sequel!!! sequel!!!

  22. phillip says:

    i realy hope there comes a eragon 2 the first 1 was realy good and very nice detailed :D if they make a 2 im gonna buy it! also my mom will! the first 1 was so pro made just look at the story on it man i realy hope they wont give up and drop the second movie then i and many others would be realy dissapointed :( .

  23. blackguy says:

    Im an objective person, but this movie was stale, and the plot chugged along like an old clunker. then I read the books, and realized that this whole film could have been AMAZING but they dumbed it down for idiots like you people.

  24. spy783 says:

    did anyone knows the song from this trailer? please answer me

  25. jeremy says:

    man they have to do a second movie the first was awsome one of the best movies i have ever seen and who cares if the book readers were disapointed what about the people that dont read books and watch the movies like me they way the first movie ended i was sooooooooooooooo excited to see the second one now i may never get to thats beat im not gona sleep right till the second movie is made lol so listen make the movie

  26. Asii says:

    i think it was a really good movie!! i have’t read the books, many peaple dont like it because they have read the books. i dont care if the movie arent the same as the books. it has good actors scenes effects all. i think they should make a movie more but they cant because peaple dont like it because its not like the book…….

  27. shauna says:

    eragon the movie was amazing. even though its completely different from the books can’t wait to see the second. which should be coming out soon like the fourth book

  28. leoni dyer says:

    eregon sequel come on i m watching first one now and i forgot how good it was someone do something

  29. sumit says:

    please take out sequal of movie eragon dont keep it incomplete , i love the movie very much its one of the best movie

  30. dude says:

    I saw that movie eragon 1 if anyone hadnt noticed, that was only a couple of clips from eragon 1. This isn’t real, and eragon flopped so bad that it is unlikely for sequel to be published.

  31. Michael says:

    I am a huge dragon fan I read all dragon books but the movie was a let down, you see movies over four hours long I don’t think they put much thought into the movie.. Brom wasn’t killed by a flying spear and buried in a mountain surrounded by forest, it was in the middle of a desert, sorry but if they came out with a second movie I’m going to be cautious with spending my money on it… If they had got that straight I would have liked to see it again and be anxious to see what comes out next. I
    Don’t get me wrong but I like it I really did I just wish they got the story right …hell make it a series on TV I would love to watch it, I would DVR every episode but even then only if they got the story right.. I’m rooting for you director! =)

  32. Jacob says:

    If i ever become wealthy,I don’t care if it’s 20 or thirty years from now but I’m making another Eragon movie and it will have an incredible budget and good acters and it will stick to the story,but cut a few parts out.And even today 5 years later this film is still better than many with 300 million dollar budgets

  33. Tracie says:

    Hey I loved the first one and I believe u should finish a saga when u start One

  34. smiley says:

    heyy i havnt read the eragon books but i have seen the film evryone is saying its so good but its not good …… ITS AWESOME :D love it love it love it i think me and my friends would easy go see it and i know loads more who would too :D ERAGON 2 C’mon !!!!!! be a sequel !!!!!!!!!!! love this movie would see the second a thousand times if ther was one and would buy all my friends a copy :D

  35. Jumper says:

    I thought the 1st movie rocked so I really wanna see another, they kinda left ya hangin’.

  36. Lola says:

    The first movie was great. My family and I are very disappointed that a sequel was never made. We would definitely like to see what happens as the rest of the story unfolds….

  37. BooksSuck says:

    who cares if its not same as the book it was still a awsome movie so 4 all yoll that say it sucks i say SUCK IT!

  38. Jose says:

    One of the best dragon movie!!! I will love to see the next ones. They should do it!!!!

  39. Shelby says:

    I finally got my dad to watch Eragon for the first time since I bought the movie over a year ago. He loved it. My dad loves Saphira. He wants a dragon now lol. I really do hope that they do make a second movie. I could watch it over and over again all day and not get tired of it. Especially since Garrett Hedlund is in it. That man is really really hott. Anyways I put the movie on tonight and the first thing that my dad said after I had put the movie on was Saphira. Going to find a nice picture of her and put it on my dad’s racecar. Lol. MAKE ANOTHER ERAGON MOVIE THEN FINISH MAKING THE SERIES!!!!! EVERYONE LOVES THE MOVIE SO MAKE IT!!!!! WE WANT ERAGON 2 NOW!!!!!!

  40. multi says:

    It’s not surprising there won’t be another sequel. The thing that makes Paolini’s stories so endearing is his attention and dedication to the audience he’s writing to. The knuckleheads who take his story apart, make it better(as if), add CGI, sex appeal, and totally rearrange, omit, and pretty much rewrite the story to fit in a specific time frame could care less if the people who go watch it will try to connect to the movie the same way they connect to the books. In addition, here’s some advice for the knuckleheads: Never put feathers on a dragon.

  41. Tom says:

    how can it be a commercial failure if it grossed over 3 times its budget?

  42. micaela says:

    ERAGON es mi pelicula favorita, antes me gustaba mucho tenía obseción por NARNIA hasta que vi la peli de eragon y me gusto mucho más, es tan superficial en el sentido de que no la supera nada…

    (ERAGON is my favorite movie, before I liked was by NARNIA obsession until I saw the movie of eragon and I liked much more, is so superficial in the sense that it surpasses anything …)

  43. scrivener says:

    i just love the movie…and all i want is……………………………………………. …PLEASE SHOOT OR RELEASE ERAGON 2 MOVIE SOON……………….I’m dying waiting the movie….

  44. Julian says:

    The Movie was on in TV today and i just remembered how bad it was.
    The movie itself could have had way more fans if they had given it another titel but to those of you who have seen the movie and not read the book you should read it.
    And youll notice the only thing the book and this movie really have in common is the names of characters and the dragon. But the way the first eragon stands it isnt possible to correct the mistakes they made in the 2nd movie.
    Give the characters other names and the movie another titel and i probably wouldnt hate it as much as i do.
    PS: I found this page by googling. “why was eragon not like the book?”.

  45. lee says:

    i loved eragon its a amazing film to watch i haven’t read the book and i dont intend to. As for the people who keep going on about the book should really understand that take any book at all that has been turned into a film there are lots of differences or things left out so stop moaning eragon was a good film and they should bring out a 2nd one other wise it was pointless ending the 1st one as they did. But people seriously need to stop trying to compair the book to the film because you can put more detail in to a book than you can a film. But i agree with everyone else they should bring out a second one ERAGON 2 rather than rubbish like vampires suck now that was the biggest pile of &$”! i have ever seen

  46. lds says:

    I just dont undested why they didn’t continue the movie. I sow tha fust movie and its so good is tha bast movie I had see I think they shud continue. Tha movie It’s so good.

  47. ezra says:

    they should do eragon 2 ^^ even though eragon the movie didn’t really meet my expectations from what I’ve read but it’s really good. I’ve been anticipating for the next chapter of the eragon saga ^^ hope it really does come out soon.

  48. spencer says:

    the books are amazing and even though they cut a lot of stuff out of it that COULD have made it better it was still a great movie and they shouldnt leave it like they did they really need to make the second movie i think

  49. Elsbeth says:

    I’ve read the books, and even though they aren’t quite the same I loved the film and really want there to be a number 2 xx

  50. andrea says:

    I’ve never read the books, but the movie got a bad rap. The actors were great. I have always like Jeremy Irons. The young stars were excellent. I am a big fan of the fantasy, action genre. This is a great story and needs to be continued.

  51. Lori Goldsmith says:

    i am very much awaiting this sequel! I read the books and watched the movie and loved it. I keep waiting for part 2. Is there any hope on the horizon?

  52. Booboo Settete says:

    …I do love that kind of movie and hope they will make soon the Eragon 2.

  53. Booboo Settete says:

    Say out loud: “WE WANT ERAGON 2, WE WANT EARGON 2″.

  54. Country Girl! says:

    I loved the first movie. It was a refreshing change from all the terrible films that are coming out of the movie industry nowdays. I would LOVE another movie, but PLEASE do not change the character playing Eragon!

  55. Oriaus says:

    Eragon was great I watch it at least monthly If they messed it up as much as people said they did then follow the path of the chronicals of Narnia. The first collection was crap. Now they have remade 3 of them and they are much better. Eragon can’t end without finishing the story. The only thing crap about the movie would be to not make another.

  56. Tina & Seth says:

    “Eragon was the bomb!” says my 8 year old son!!! I agree!!! How can we MAKE THEM make the movie?!?!?!?

  57. Joshua Nightingale says:

    Well to be honest I loved the movie so much I watched it before reading the book, Reading it now and on the 3rd book and all I can say is its great, all movies do not put the whole book in I mean come on who wants another 4-6 hour movie like Stephen Kings “The Stand”? I for sure dont. However the first movie ended and we wait years for the second, Us Dragon lovers are waiting and hoping that something will happen very soon.

  58. thesampleys says:

    We love love love Eragon. We’ve been hoping for years for the other sequels to come out. Despite what the “film critics” say, it was an excellent movie and it has many many fans! Please don’t make us suffer for the consequences of others words!! Bring the others out and it will do its own selling.. especially if u keep the same actors/actresses…

  59. Mimmi says:

    Well, I personally hate a movie with a cliffhanger ending that doesn’t have a sequel…

  60. killian says:

    Ok im sorry people but eragon was Horrible. I’m a fan of the books so im biased but hear me out. The scenes were badly directed, in the movie i didn’t care that brom died. reason being they skipped…. about 8 chapters of the book where they bond. elves had no pointed ears, there was no scenes set up to show the bond between eragon and his dragon, she just “magically grew up” The main villain (shade) never dies in this book that way. In fact he stabs eragon and curses him. the curse drives the story of the entire next book. Also Angela the fortune teller is a HUGE character in the books. shes still in the last book yet in the movie she only got about a min of screen time.
    It is such a shame. if done well this franchise could have been lord of the rings crossed with harry potter success. I hope maybe in a decade when people have forgotten about this blunder they can reboot it and create a trillogy +

  61. Willem says:

    When can we expect Eragon 2… I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting
    Pls let me know. I loved the movie – so much heart in it..

  62. david says:

    If someone knows if eragon 2 will come out, Can you tell me when will it come out?

  63. Sue says:

    Never read the books, but when I saw the trailers, I had to see the movie. I loved it and have been checking periodically to see if they were going to make #2. I’m sorry, but there are many book-to-movies out there and have never really known any of them to be true to book form. Come on now, there are many of us that liked the movie and I think it was great enough to warrant a sequel, but there are many people that think “Jackass” did. What does that tell you about some people and their opinions?! To each his own and everyone is different.

  64. louie says:

    I just watched eragon again for the first time in years with my 4year old son and he loves it! My 9 year old daughter remembered seeing it at his age and asked why havent they brought out a second one, since they have a big dragon at the end. I understand the books may be better but for kids like mine, one of whom is 4 and the other 9 with a learnin disability this is a great way for them to see what i’ve been readin to them since they cant do it themselves, to see the next part of the story. Come on i mean is it really all about the 25yr old movie/book critic or the people who watch it and enjoy, it may not depict the book’s but it’s a dam good watch. Bring on a second film. PLEEEAAASSSEE!

  65. zeescar says:

    I don’t get why they make a eragon 2 it is like they movie ghost rider they need to make another to me eragon was a great movie I wanted to know is eragon gonna kill the evil kill or what because they both were dragon riders

  66. CHRYSI says:

    ERAGON was a wonderfull movie with great actors. We would love to see a sequel.

  67. waitwhat says:

    that was f***in retarded.. why even make that.. its the first movie… dumb waste of time

  68. david1978 says:

    honestly the movie was a waste of money the elf didn’t have pointed ears, the way brom died in the movie was terrible and the fact that there were no dwarves in the movie at all. so unless they get a new company to do the film they should stop right now.

  69. Tigger says:

    i would like to see all the books made into movies. It’s original and very few fantasy books have the excitement his does. It doesn’t matter if the film doesn’t fallow the book exactly. It’s great intertainment and now that’s just what we all need.

  70. Crystal says:

    I was just informed that the director passed away thats why a second one hadnt been released:(

  71. Austin Mendenhall says:

    I never read the books, but still, the movie was amazing and the actors were phenomenal! Please make a second one or please let me know where to go to help get another one made!

  72. Devon says:

    I liked the first movie and I wish they would make a second one!!

  73. Lilly says:

    every minute of that movie sent chills down my spine its f***** retarded that they wont make another movie out of it i really want to see murtagh again ;)

  74. neu family says:

    I dont really mind if a movie is not like the book. They are two very seperate things. Some like to read and others to watch movies. Our family loves eragon & couldnt wait to see & buy the first one. Would love to have them all!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE!!

  75. goran says:

    This is the worst movie i have ever seen. This is not eve clode like the book. It’s all messed up. For this kind of book they need to kill them selve to make it right. This movie is so silly and dissapointing. Even to make it in 3d animation would be better. I don’t think that the next part need to be better than this. I would say that they must to make remake from this from start to finish and faaaaar better from this and then to continue to the next part like was with harry poter, or the lord of the rings and other great movies.

  76. Shur'Tugal says:

    I don’t think the people who want to see a second movie understand . . .there almost can’t be. They removed a few characters, details, events, completely left out an entire race, and killed off characters who are essential to the following books. If they wanted to make another movie, they would have to come up with their own plot for it, because it cannot possibly follow the plot of the Eldest. I agree with the remake. And while the effects were wonderful, acting not to shabby, the voice acting for Saphira was beyond awful, and it made me cringe every time she spoke.

  77. Mark says:

    If a film costing $100 million but earns $250 million worldwide and was the 16th highest grossing film of that year is a commercial failure then i fail to see what is classed as a commercial success.
    To be honest i’m really surprised that no one thought that doubling your money in a niche market genre was a good sign to release a second movie.

  78. Sam says:

    I’m really annoyed that theres not going to be a second one, I thought it was a great film as did my fiends, I’m guessing they don’t give the piblic what they want anymore, it’s more a case of who can push there weight around more and funnily enough for those who didn’t like it….. nobody is making you watch it, leave those of us who did like it to enjoy it.

  79. Bri Elda says:

    I loved the movie as well but then I decided to read the books and they were soooooo much better. Though the movie was still good. It is entirely impossible to make a second one unless it is completely different and has maybe a new title. A remake would be amazing though!!! It may be long but so is lord of the rings and many people watch that. If a remake was made with all details correct and the original story line followed then many fans would be amazed at how much the movie could be. And true fans of paolinis inheritance series would be ecstatic! But unless that is done a second movie or a making of eldest would be, in my opinion, an abomination. It can’t be done.

  80. jake says:

    i loved the first film to eragon and am so disappointed ur not making a second one, i hope u reconsider it

  81. Liam says:

    As many people have already said, they can’t make a second one.
    It’s just too far from the book Eldest to even be considered the story of Eragon.
    No dwarves, the total lack of Angela and NO werecat, Eragon not having his back sliced open by Durza, the way saphira just flies up into the air and suddenly transforms into a fully grown dragon, the lack of development between brom and eragon, brom being a HUGE influence on the rest of eragons journey which would seem stupid now because they were only together for a few weeks in the movie. As many people have pointed out that Ayra didn’t have elven ears and was not unconscious after tourture from Durza for the whole trip to the Varden, ruining the idea that she is debt to eragon for saving her life. Murtagh having a keeness to reach the varden unlike the book where he obviously is trying to avoid it because he’s the son of Morzan….
    God they f**ked it up. AKA a second movie can’t happen, and it’s their own fault.

  82. Bri Elda says:

    Exactly, also in the movie roran leaves to join the kings army, when he actually leaves for therinsfold. There are only 2 razac (not made of bugs) an there is no mention of Katrina, who has a lot to do wIth the plot in the second book. So many small details that were left out make it simply impossible.

  83. david says:

    you people keep saying that it is impossible to make a second movie because of mistakes from the first compared to the books but all the mistakes are easy to add in via memory flashback or some such thing, besides the movie was better than the book, the books only stasrted getting really good from the second one…

  84. puma says:

    Frankly.. You ‘everything MUST match the book’ types make me want to puke. Just view the movie as an alternative universe thing and enjoy it as a separate story. I don’t even want to read the book after seeing what the book nerds did to the movie. I’d rather see the movie version AND A NEW SEQUEL!!! They changed things in the movie for the same reason they had to change some things in the Harry Potter movies. If they included EVERYTHING in the books, not only would the movie be WAY TOO LONG TO WATCH, it would move at a snails pace. Frankly I’d rather not watch a 30 hour long movie… Sometimes the story has to be redone to be made into a movie. If you want a movie that follows the book word for word, make it yourself (if you have millions of $$$ laying around), otherwise.. Shut up, pass the popcorn and let those of us who liked the movie, enjoy it without fanboy harping about how fast a dragon grows up or wither there are dwarves…

  85. manuel says:

    i’m waiting for the 2nd movie.

  86. Kofi says:

    There’s a big difference between not everything getting in a movie and putting on display the desecrated corpse of someone’s dream.

    Adaptations we all agree should pay homage and ADAPT the original material, not castrate it. The movie industry is industry first and art second. They were all about getting your money, where as CP was a child of fantasy, born and raised on the stuff, and wanted to share a story he wrote with the world. Maybe it has a lot in common with LOTR, but great minds think a like huh? It also has plot points you wont find in LoTR.

    Movies too long to watch is complete crock of shit excuse. Your time is not valuable if this is how you choose to spend it, entertained like a mindless drone. Sorry to say it, truly I am, because I don’t know the circumstances, but i’m 22 and when I was younger, my dad made the right choice to read me and my brothers a story as often as possible as opposed to sitting in front of a blockbuster rental. You should do the same for your kids if you care about their education and future because the schools sure as hell can’t.

    Them making a second movie after what they did is like Obi-Wan lives, but the death star never exploded. Would. Not. Make. Sense. FSCKING HOLLYWOOD

  87. Lessermalfunction says:

    okay I’m gonna stand up for all the people saying that the movie is shit. why it is that the movie sucks its pretty easy to answer the thing is its not Eragon they made the story up in the book it’s completely different so imagine people’s surprise when they go watch a movie they expect to be based on the awesome book but finds a different story all together. that being said i would not mind if they made a second one it was a decent movie but it was not Eragon had it been a film just inspired because they wanted to make a Dragon movie then i would have given it 5 our of 5 on the ratings but as it wasn’t that i can’t say i was impressed. but another movie is definitely required Make a second one already!!!!!!!

  88. enlighten says:

    Ok I’ve all the comments above and I, having both seen the movie and read all the books agree that there should be a sequel to the movie just as there is with the novels! Though I agree with this I must say that despite my liking of the movie it doesn’t chock me that so far there hasn’t been one. Seeing as its entire production can be said to have been halfhearted! The plot should have adhere more to the book, especially the ending, which was the complete opposite to the book!
    Also if the Lord of The Rings has efls in it and they went to d trouble of having the actors look the piece why don’t they now invest like other movies do, cause that right there will up its popularity and its revenue stream. I think that theses book sagas have the potential to become great movies just ike the Lord of The Rings, its just a matter of investing more which I guarantee will in the end increase the production revenue!

    On a side note to those complaining about twilight, I have both read and seen all the movies and books! Though it is true that it is to be expected that films can’t be completely faithful to the books plot but I believe that so far they have been quite good in terms of content and great especial effects, but what I believe ppl above where criticizing is not how the movies were made but yes the fact that any reader obtains so much more from books than movies and to that fact, it will always be the same since when you read, you get entangled in the plot and become part of the story! That unfortunately is something that has yet to be mastered in terms to cinematography!

    Therefore my advice to those that think twilight has been badly made is to give the books a read and then when watching the film do truly watch it, without comparing it to the books! See the true experience u can obtain just by analyzing the film by its self, its incredible special effects, its actors and see the plot unravel before your eyes just like it does in the books! And if u dnt focus on the tiny details which production has to cancel out, you’ll eventually notice how similar the films are to the books in regard to any other films made from book novels!

  89. Blödhgarm says:

    The 2nd book alone would take 2 movies to portrait every event, every feeling of sadness and inspiration we felt when reading the books and honestly I don’t want a movie that is exactly as the book. If you are upset that a movie didn’t follow the book, then you missed the point of reading the book in the first place. I personally would love to see all 4 books turned into movies. It would be nice just to have a different visual idea of how the lands like Du Weldenvarden, or Surda look through their eyes. In all I really want the movies to come out to see the battles between the riders, that in itself is worth watching no matter how the rest of the movie plot goes.

  90. charles rock says:

    movie adaptation is far-off from the book. maybe they should change the movie title so that movie-goers won’t think the book sucks like the movie. In my personal opinion, the books will bring you to a place more imaginative and entertaining fantasy world that you wish you are a part of. The movie is a poor representaion of what the author aim to convey…

  91. charles rock says:

    I agree with goran, if the movie-makers want to have a block-buster flick and have millions of fans, disregard the 2006 eragon movie. Then remake Eragon (from the start) at least in the same storyline with the book. Not necessarily all the contents, but most of it without alternating it…

  92. Kay says:

    Ok, I did like the movie and since then I have read the three books. As much as I liked the movie, the book is completely different. When people say to read the book to see why the movie is bad is not because it is a little different. In the movie certain plots are changed entirely. I don’t think a second move can be made without completely deviating from the second book (ie the whole story and final outcome). One example is Eragon’s cousin Roran….in the movie they say he goes and joins the military…the book paints an entirely different path for him that is crucial to the entire story. Roran is a major character in the book…if they continued with the movie sequels then the movie would become its own story, not the author’s. I wouldn’t be surprise if he didn’t pull the plug himself when he saw the final product of the movie.
    I think the best thing to do would be to redo the first movie….Guaranty box office hit !!! They (the movie people) would get back the fans of the book and would be able to stay true to the story with the sequels.

  93. FiGueDjTwo says:

    if I did not know why the movie, I liked too much and wait a very long time .. now required to remove it.
    and if the second film leaves as they can prove that the story of Eragon is good?..

  94. in says:

    i will waite for eragon 2and i think i will amazingmorethan eragon1

  95. Rose says:

    Loved the books, loved the movie!

  96. steve says:

    im getting sick of waiting, the need to make the sequel. if movies like twilight scooby doo and all the other crap that has sequels van be made lets do this one

  97. brookllyn says:

    i loved loved loved the movie…. and i dont give a shit if it was not the same as the book. to everyone that said the movie sucked cuz it wasnt the same as the book then f*** u guys!!! my brothers and sister love Eragon and would love to see the second one. it is an awesome family movie and we watch it at least once a week.. we have been waiting and waiting for a second one!!!!! so i say make another and realese it dammit!!!!!!

  98. daniel says:

    To those fans who actually read the books and saw the first dragon movie and i quote: Liked it! i think they should reconsider making the rest of the movies. to have seen the first movie and really enjoyed it I can’t believe that there won’t be a second movie, loved the effects and story, although they jumped over some things from the book, it was a really good movie. you have to consider the facts that they probably wanted to se the outcome of the first movie and therefore didn’t put to much money into it therefore some skipped parts in the movie that is in the books. But i also thinks that if they worked on making the second movie a bit longer (3hours+) and cover all the chapters from the book it would be a hit. i saw the first movie and I must say that i liked it although some missing parts from the book, and i would love to see the second movie. It was really something that made my skin tickle and I hope they will give us (the fans that really like dragon, both the books and the movie) a second movie.

  99. momof7 says:


  100. thomas.s says:

    I have read the book and even though the movie did not follow the whole story line we have to remember that all film makers have budgets. I for one enjoyed the books and the film despite all that and want to see a sequel for eragon…

  101. TEREEEE says:

    para los verdaderos fans de este genero de peli nos encanto la primera parte de eragon y de verdad estamos ansiosos y quicieramos ver la siguiente parte

  102. augusta says:

    Just FYI in response to Kay’s post on Sept. 1st, Roran actually states he is running away before the army recruits him and doesn’t know where he is going. Therefore, there really isn’t anything holding them back plot-wise except funds and actor agreements.

  103. S.Andreassen says:

    I’m a big fan of Eragon the movie. It was not the same as the book, but still it’s greate :) I can’t wait for the fourth chapter in November. :) I hope it will be 3 more movie :) All of us who loves fantasy we need this…
    Christopher Paolini is a fantastic writer. He deserve to have the 3 next books on the big screen :) And we nurge for it :)

  104. Mary says:

    Eragon has been my whole families favorite since the day it came out. We watch it often. I have never heard anyone say they didn’t love this film, the acting, special effects, the works. We will await the 2nd movie anxiously. In hopes that it will be done!

  105. Jewell hicks says:

    I really enjoyed the movie and I bought it for myself and I disagree with many that say that the movie was not good in their view of the movie and I do hope that in the near future, the makers of the movie doesn’t see it has a total failure and decide to make a second part.

  106. Polgara says:

    ok will start by saying I liked the film and ended up on here because I googled to see if there was a sequel out yet.
    yes I have read the books ( had to wait 4 years for the third one!) and yes allot is missed out in the film ( things always are) however I don’t think I’ve seen a film that’s had quite so much missing since stephen Kings ‘the shining’ (jack Nicholson’s original as the remake was more true to book which is why it’s 10 hours long!) so I know they would have to practically rewrite the second one (so much they might not be able to call it eldest) but I personally would love to see it. I want to see when Eragon learns more about dragon riders and has his training. He met Angela so it wouldn’t be too hard to still have her in the sequel. As for Roran and Katrina, again they could be explained back in just in a different way to how it is in the first book. After all you didn’t see Roran after he left, who’s to say he didn’t meet Katrina on his travels.
    Maybe now CP has finished the 4th book (yet more waiting I had to do!) he will do a screen version of eldest for them to make.

  107. Charlotte says:

    The film was immensely amazing! I don’t know it got soo bad on the commercial side. I read half the book when they released the movie (got to the sand dune bit) and I enjoyed both. (If only I didn’t give my book away!)
    I think there should be a new one of the next book, if they try to make it good, it could bring hope for both movies!

  108. Appearday says:

    The movie was great the 3 books are awesome. They should make movies 2 and 3.

  109. saocean7 says:

    Eragon was a good movie… I would definitely spend my money on the Eragon 2 if they would make it. I want to be a Dragon rider too. :)

  110. Mr. Full of Himself says:

    That movie was absolutely rubbish!!! Eragon was NOT a blond-haired pansy as depicted in the movie. Every time he smiles makes me wanna cringe as it makes him look like he’s having a tripple-orgasm or something. Next, Saphira looks like a cross between a lizard and an eagle which is pathetic: DRAGONS DO NOT HAVE EFFING FEATHERS!!!! Subsequently, Arya was by no means a romantic-minded, cheesy giinger who wore a white wedding dress. Murtagh was NOT a creepy emo stalker who looked drugged and maniacle half the time. Brom was the only cool part about that movie and even then his character was fairly cliche. Also, the Urgals were absolutely horrible and I nearly puked at how ‘Durza’ (he does NOT have pink hair or removable nails bought from a store) raised his zombie army from the ground. That’s like copying a dozen movies and is in no way how they are writen of in the book. The Urgals are totally different and Druza does not have a shadow dragon in the book. STUPID, awful, crappy movie!!! Also, you never see Galbatorix in either of the three novels so why the heck does he go all ‘badass’ at the end of the movie with some pathetic, garish sword that looks like it could break if you touch it? Plus, Angela (another cool person) is in no way ment to be like that witch/oracle/goddess/thing from Pirates of the Carribbean. She looked evil in the film and was not supposed to be like that. In addition, they totally cut out Jeod who was pretty cool and a huge fight with the Raz’zak (what the HECK happened to those evils?) at Drass’Leona. Furthermore, Roran – who is a huge part of the following two books, mind you! – is not another blond-haired pansy and he is NOT gay with Eragon as hinted in the movie. I don’t even know what the hell they did with Katirna who plays an important role with Roran in Part 2. The whole film was crap and shit. The only cool part was Brom (sortta) and Saphira shooting fire for the first time. But I don’t even recall that happening in the first book. She breaks the Star Rose of the dwarves to distract Durza enabling a severely wounded Eragon to kill the Shade. Even worse, Arya thinks of Eragon as a charge and someone she’s supposed to protect, only a friend in the third book. Instead, she’s like flirting with Eragon in the first movie. It was awful!! I was very unimpressed by the movie trailer and it’s even worse that they say this is ‘Part 2′ of the movie. If anything, the studios desperately need to make a new and better version of Eragon if they ever want to hope of making a sequel. Considering that Book 4 is finally to hit the shelves in November this year, I can onlly say that they better hurry up or else things will get messy. If Saphira watched that movie, she’d tose the whole darn studio and every cinema in sight with Eragon’s backing. Furthermore, I would lead the army of the elves, dwarves, Varden, Urgals, heck – even the Empire if they want – combined to get revenge for that hellish movie. *sighs sadly and shakes head* What is the world coming to these days?

  111. Iham says:

    People calling movie a financial flop, yeah $250million plus $87million DVD Yeah that’s a flop.
    Follows (book) the Likes of LOTR and Pern Yeah OK not like every book of not can’t be compared. not like the books they compare to aren’t done from others either. Not like Harry Potter isn’t a rehash not like Pern wasn’t a rehash, Not like many movies are rehash, not like most shows aren’t rehash.
    Get real peoples.

    over $300million from film = a new film should be made.

  112. Paul says:

    Truthfully… I really didn’t like the first movie. I felt it looked low budget, the acting was bad, and following the story wasn’t that well done. When I watch movies made of fantasy books I definitely expect more (Chornicles of Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, Golden compass (was pretty good), Pans Labryth.

    I for one am actually very excited to see them redo the first film. I laughed when reading Mr Full of himself’s review because it went to a little extreme, but I agree that I felt cheated by the first movie. It sort of reminded me of the first Twighlight series. I watched the first movie and was literally laughing the entire movie. They then got more money, it got larger following, and the following movies after followed the story line a lot better.

  113. erica says:

    Ok I’ve read all three book and I am waiting with lots of anticipation for number four. The were awesome. The movie was good i loved it. I know it did not give the books justice especially since they cut our roren so soon and not like it was in the book or how they left out rorens finance cuz there both in all the books but they can fix that if they were to make a second. My husband doesn’t read but he loved the movie and I’ve been telling him all about the sequels and he can’t wait for a movie. Sooo plzzz i beg u make another. A very loyle fan.

  114. Abel, Portugal says:

    The first movie really sucked. I can’t understand how they did a movie so short. The book had so much information and most was forgotten. For me, the biggest fail of the movie was the growth os Saphira. In the book, she started to know how to be a dragon with baby steps. She did not passed through a cloud and after she passed, she had feathers (WTF?!?!?!), was an adult and already knew how to spit fire!!!!! If they want t make a movie about Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance (FINALLY) they should start by remaking the first movie properly.

    I don’t say the movie was a flop, because I know it wasn’t. The problem is that the people who saw the movie and thought it was cool didn’t read the books. The ones who read them and then watched the movie, they went with really high expectation and were defrauded. Period.



    a really big Eragon fan

  115. BromMurtagh345 says:

    Okay, listen people. The Eragon movie was the worst thing ever. If it were a person, I would punch it in the face. Repeatedly. Anybody who liked that movie has no brain. I hate you all.

  116. adoring fan says:

    I first saw the movie and loved what i saw so i read the books. although it is a little indifferent to the book itself no one can replica a movie to the book….. there wouldnt be enough time to do so……and yes i would remake the first one if they had to in order to make the second but i think in the second one they should just make memories of what should of happenend in the first to start the second one off so we can understand more of what should of happened in the first movie… they have done it before in other movies so why not in the sequel it isnt impossible….. and i love the books and the movie…… if u want a movie to down on try the last air bender Nothing Like what it should have been…….. i DEFINATELY want a sequel and would pay to see it no matter what the cost but lets keep it the same as everywhere else perferably lol…….wishful thinking…… lots of love to the saga of eragon!!!! u rock christopher paolini!!!!

  117. Brianna says:

    I agree with Mr. Full of himself completely. I’m a huge fan of the Eragon series and I was heartbroken when I watched the film. I know that movies cannot possibly parallel novels, but the film portrayal of Eragon was a sore disappointment. In my opinion, someone like Peter Jackson should just redo the movie and start over instead of having a sequel made. It could have been so much better and I really do hope the movies can be made.

  118. KoldKill says:

    I have to say I saw the movie befor reading the books and yes the movie did not follow the 1st book exactly, but tell me this, how many movies ever really follow what the author has penned out fully any way. After all look back at Stphen King’s “Christine” there was as a hole shit load left out of the movie. Now you truely you cannt tell me that you would not like to see the other 3 books make it to big screen :) If they can do it with Twilight they can do it to Eragon 2 and the remainder of the books. . . . . I say make the next movie, there seems to many more who wish to see whats next then any body that is bashing the movie.

  119. bob says:

    this movie sucks as. the book are mutch beter than the movie. read the book and you wil burn the movie !!!!!!!… they cant make a second movie becaus they fck up the first movie and they mest up the end. realy read the books and you wil see what i mean. !!!!

  120. Emily says:

    My Son, Daughter and I love the film please can we have part 2……

  121. travis says:

    thay should be another move i loved the first one it was awsome

  122. bigears says:

    i am personally adicted to the books ive read them at least five times as soon as i found out that there was a movie i went crazie after i watched it about five time i had to return back to my library i finnaly found it and bought it and watched it several more times its true that it is missing many different parts from the movie but they have to make another one because it just ends with arya leaving for elsmerelda i will be majorly PISSED OFF if they dont make another one im a huge fan

  123. Rob says:

    Yeah, I enjoyed the movie when I saw it too, but when I read the book I realized that they changed so much of the story, they would literally have to reboot if they want it to continue. First off, the Ra’Zac have a key role in the 2nd and 3rd books, so killing them off doesn’t help there. Secondly, Sloan’s betrayal of the people of Carvahall to the Ra’Zac is another major driving force in the Eldest plot, so killing him off eliminates that. Third, they didn’t even include Sloan’s daughter, Katrina, who is a major character in the series and Roran’s eventual wife and reason for his rise in the Varden. Yet another lost story line. Then there’s the fact that they didn’t even include the dwarves in the film, the shattering of the gemstone, or the blessing of the child Elva, all major plot points that have a significant impact on the entire series. In fact, I would dare say at least 75% of the series story lines is dependent on those plot lines and characters which the makers of the film so irresponsibly cut. So no, a sequel is not on the way considering where the franchise now stands.

    Note to Hollywood: Try waiting until the series is complete before you make a film… or just stay true to the source material instead of thinking you know better. Even if you’re in it for the money, staying true to the source material is the best way to make the most money. After all, you’ve just eliminated profits from at least 3 more potential films because you thought you knew what you were doing when you completely changed the story. In short: You suck.

  124. cory says:

    I agree the movie was not very close to the book, but how many really are. I agree they should have made a lot of changes but all in all the movie its self was good. I would really like to see a PART 2. Follow closer to the book more and fix the problem and finish the series. I read the books and now I would really like to finish watching the movies. Make the next one

  125. bob says:

    they should remake the first one

  126. Bull says:

    Glad to see so many experts here.
    The film is nice and well made. I bought the book and will read it shortly. A movie is a form of art and you can not tell the artist what to do with his movie. You like it or dislike it.
    The film is an impression of the imagination from someone who has read the book. If anther company makes the movie (disney or someone else) maybe some of you will be happy but then there will be others who will think the movie is crap. leave it be. Everybody has his own ideas on how the world of aragon should be. I liked the impression the was given in the movie.

    Make the world a little better and start with yourself

  127. Jen says:

    I just want to see what they do in the next movie. I loved the books and at first was disappointed in the movie but after thinking about it the movie can’t be as descriptive as the book. On it’s own the movie is good and I would love for them to finish the series. I know I would go to see it and probably buy the dvd

  128. Lizzy AKA Oromis-elda says:

    I thought the Eragon movie was awsesome before I read the book, but now I find that it is so untrue to the book, so poorly done. For instance, the exclusion of both elves, and dwarves is a major flaw. The character of Nasuada is underdone. It would be impossible for there to be e sequal because they totally ruined the movie and if they make the next book in the series it wouldn’t make sense. I would be happy if they did a remake of the movie, because reason one: Without elves or dwarves it wouldn’t make sense because Eragon must go to Du Weldenvarden in the second book, and without the fact that Arya is an elf the whole thing would fall apart since she’s Izlanzadi’s daughter. In the first movie Saphira says that a dragon will die if his/her rider dies which would mess up the whole thing about Glabatorix’s dragon, Shruikan, because Galbatorix killed Shruikan’s rider. It would also mess up Oromis and Glaedr when Oromis dies in book 3. They also excluded the love story between Roran and Katrina. That is a crucial part in book 2, 3, and 4, and without it the entire plot would collapse. I totally dissapoove of making the rest o the series until they correct the first movie. I am the biggest fan of Inheritance cycle and i wold rather have no movie at all than a movie poorly done. They did a horrible job with the movie. Read the book and you’ll understand.

  129. Larson says:

    Movie was good but they did make some stupid mistakes
    Like how big they made saphira and how he throws her up in the air and she changes from a baby into a huge dragon, she was supposed to be a lot smaller, and also how broom dies, he did not get killed by the shade, I feel like they should start from scratch

  130. James says:

    I think that the director of the film should of read and studied the book. Eragon was a slap dash mockery of the books and did no justice what-so-ever, I have never, ever, read anywhere in all four books that Saphira had feathers! What was going on in that directors meager little mind! Who ever does the films next should study the books and make sure that they capture the essence of the books. The Lord of the Rings were filmed in 3 years and they were EPIC films and with a low budget as well they captured everything that was required. If I were Christopher I would be upset by the film

  131. mark says:

    ihave read the books on book 4 at d mo. and they should continue the movies. just eragon d other night again… there is room to improve the next movies. hope they make them because I’ll def go and see them.come on make them please…….

  132. Phil W. says:

    My kids, ages 6, 10, and 12, just saw the movie on DVD for the first time. They loved it. None of them have read the books yet, but I’m sure my 12 year old will. She’s currently reading Lord of the Rings. My family would love to see a sequel to Eragon!

  133. Streichwurst says:

    Wow guys are you really so stupid? They can´t possibly make a sequel because it wouldn´t follow the story anyomore. If you would have read the books you would know that they left to much important scenes and charcters out for a second movie.
    They left out chars who have an important role in the books 2 & 3 such as Solebum, Katharina, the twins, Orik ad Jeod.
    Leaving out those characters and many other things ghas destroyed the plot for the next movies entirely. They could not possibly continue without ruining everything.
    Also it is insulting and frustrating for everyone who considers himself a real Eragon fan.
    This of course only goes to people in favor of a sequel to this piece of crap they call a movie. If they want to make a movie, they should make a remake with a new director. Peter Jackson would probably do it best.

  134. dylan says:

    I do not like how the movies do not follow the book as much as i would like but Eragon is such a good creation that i must appreciate the films very much and would like to see all of the eragon books in movies i read the Eragon series as a book and enjoyed it very much i would watch the movie and buy the dvd forall of the Eragon movies if they came out.

  135. laura says:

    They should just redo the whole first movie and make it actually good and follow the books. Then I bet everyone would be wanting a second. As for me, I loved the books, and would love to see a good movie about them. But I agree that the movie they did make was a piece of crap.

  136. john says:

    I wish they would releas another one i like it and my daughter loved it. Ans as far as the movie not following the books as writer please allow me to clearify something. Movies never follow the books they are based on and that is simply because of copy right laws. Even with the writers full concent to use his or her works things about the story have to be changed because of how the laws work and you can thank the writes of about ahoundred years ago or so for that one. Its partly because the publishing house owns some of the rights and partly because the writer owns some of the writes as well as any investers holding rights and partly because the koment something is copy writen it can not be douplacated if the book its self is reprinted something has to be changed about the book. Like i said its because of the laws and how they are. I aploagise for spelling and gramer mistakes i am writing this on my phone

  137. shelbyshelb says:

    wow, that wouln’t of been good at all. whatsoever.

  138. Christopher G Busch(show as Boomer) says:

    I am a 53 yr old man with a voracious appetite for books and film. I read “War and Peace” at age 11, “We of the Never Never” at 12. I have read the Bible, law books, encyclopedias, philosophical treatises, fantasy, science fiction etc. I was impressed that a young man of 15 could write abook of Eragon’s scope and follow through with the series that he did. It is very difficult to make a movie from a book that follows the story in every detail, and yes I think that some things in the movie could have bee approached in a better and more accurate and faithful way, but I also realise that there are some minor considerations like, perhaps “Budgetary Constraints”. That being said, I very much enjoyed the movie and would dearly like to see a sequel, which I think, given the fan base, could be approached with a larger budget and more faithful scripting, starting with some retrospectives which could fill some of the gaps in the first movie. Please do a sequel.I would gladly and excitedly pay to see it and also purchase the DVD. Thanks in advance.

  139. goesboy says:

    I read the books and i still liked the movie,
    a second part would be awesome!

  140. joey jr says:

    come on please man i just seen the movie an i am half way through the 2 book so what the hell lords of the rings was good but if you get some one who knows how to make a movie and get them to read the books you will see that the book s give it no justice if you have a creative mind you will see that this as a movie will shit all over lord of the rings like holy harry potter was sick but this as a movie wow com on make them a little longer go through the details propaley and it will make all movies history in sciecne ficton like it only went all about the humons in lord of the rings and harry potter like they could of owned all of thhe races in each movies but the just choose one where in eragon they go through all races and show all of every thing please if any one with the money the mind and the talent could grab hold of this and make a movie to excite the first one and make more follows than harry potter and lord of the rings in this 2nd movie holy they or you will reep the rewards just use your head and imagination like do need to say any more

  141. Patar26 says:

    MR.TIC eragon was the one of the worst movies i’ve seen, while lord of the rings was amazing why wouldn’t they have made 3, eragon is horrible

  142. Mohammad says:

    i want to watch the next sequel of the movie/ did they make a new movie for eragon? i love it.

  143. Prince Valium says:

    laura Says:
    They should just redo the whole first movie and make it actually good and follow the books. Then I bet everyone would be wanting a second. As for me, I loved the books, and would love to see a good movie about them. But I agree that the movie they did make was a piece of crap.

    …MY WORDS!! this is exactly what I think about the movie after I saw it (at this time I already read the first 3 books and I was so sad that i finished it :-D )..I respect the fact, that it is very difficult to make a movie about a fantasy book and there are better versions (lord of the rings, as a lot of people, who read the book, were happy with it) and there are worse versions..harry potter was not that bad, they became better by the time..

    ..but the eragon movie was disappointing like no other movie I saw. this was just a waste of time..

    I only liked how the dragon was made..the urgals were ridiciulous..i expected something like the ‘oks’ in LOTR

    so before they consider to make a sequel they should consider the start from the beginning..

  144. Heather says:

    I absolutely love the books and the movie. Book nerds, come on! We love to use our imaginations, right? That’s the whole reason we stick our noses in books, to be transported to another time and place. The movies don’t need to mirror the books, we already read the books! Now open your imagination to the movie, another maybe familiar story. And never forget, everyone’s a critic ;)

  145. edgars says:

    Is the film will follow up, I very much like this movie also the second part

  146. Person says:

    Right I just couldn’t get into the movie, from the very start i was just like WTF does Arya not have black hair, shes an elf where are her pointy ears, since when does Roran leave Carvahall to avoid being recruited for the army, and so on. Nothing happens like it does in the book. For those who say they like it, they probably havent read the books, and that shows when they say they want a sequel. That cant happen as they killed the Rasac, they play an important part in Eldest and Brisingr before they are finally killed. If they are to cut that out, it is to cut everything about Roran out of the rest of the films unless they completely change the reasons for him leading the villagers away from Carvahall.

  147. Rob says:

    they should do a mini series and follow the whole inheritance cycle like they did game of thrones, hbo,showtime syfy someone needs to do it. syfy releases enough hokey stuff they could do something that would make their audience explode

  148. Jesse says:

    I know the book is better but the cast and crew of the movie worked very well at trying to recreate the book in a movie but creating something like that is hard because people see what they are reading about in their own mind nobody can actually tell you how is supposed to be imagined. Everyone has their own imagination . I would love to see 3 more movies to go with the books even if they aren’t a replica of the book. What one person sees in their mind is different than the next person. I agree with tthe people who say it would be a waste to start over or completely quit. Either let Christopher Paolini help direct and write the script for the remake or let him help direct and write the script for the next movies. I think he should help with the direction and script of the next movies. This cycle must be continued and i am going to start a page on facebook to try and raise awareness of the movie and how it ended so abruptly.
    This is the website:
    I hope you will join the cause.

  149. John Mc says:

    Would very much like to see a second Eragon. I didn’t read the book. This was a movie which my sons and I could watch without sex, cursing or nudity. Thank you writers and producers even if you dont come out with a second for producing a clean movie. Hats off 2 U.It will always be in my library.

  150. Psgirl says:

    Omg…wow. For those anal single-minded people who can’t quit with the “it wasn’t like the book so it sucked”. Grow up. Hardly EVER has there been a movie that’s exactly like the book and yet they were great just as Eragon was. For those of you who said that we who liked it are idiots cuz we do..,get over urself and move on. If ya don’t wanna see a 2nd, then don’t buy an effin movie ticket. I love dragons and loved the movie. I personally don’t just want a 2nd, but many more. My little one loves dragons as well and the movie. So next time keep the name calling to yourself. Oh, and when they do come out with more Eragon movies, don’t worry. I’m sure there will be a Pee Wee’s Playhouse or something similar you can enjoy with your apparent lack of tact and intellect.

  151. Umaroth elda says:

    The movie was descent in my opinion but left out a myriad of details from the book. For instance ajihad was not killed and murtagh was not kidnapped and i cant remember if there was any twins. Where was Katrina?the urgals are humans. where were the dwarves? Durza did not cut eragon across the back which is vital to the plot bc he is healed and becomes half elf during the eleven festival blodgati or watevr. Arya and saphira did not break the big ass jewel with the rose inside it which sapphire fixes later on and the dwarves thank her and respect her then get her chocolaty wasted. Shruikan seemed smaller than what he really is.I can’t remebr but was galbatorix even wearing his cape and gloves from belgabads wings?saphira grew up fast but was not sped up with by eldunari like thorn

  152. Umaroth elda says:

    Also the ra zac were killed in the forest when they were suppose to die in helgrind along with their parents the lethrblaka

  153. victoria says:

    i believe that there needs to be a second movie for this. i have read all the books at only 12 years old and they are very interesting, but of course the movie and books arent going to be the same. i may prefer a book to a movie sometimes, but this is a very inspirational movie and i believe can not be left the way it was: it has left you hanging.i would gladly pay to see the second movie and see how the young eragon and saphira grow up. the first book was interesting, but i love that a movie has come along with it with very good detail too. i believe that many people would pay to see this movie because of how it draws you in and you cling to every part of it, from the start of saphira’s egg apperaing next to eragon, all the way down to the battle at the end. as many people have said, this movie truly deserves a sequal, and i believe there has not been another movie quite like it. i am a very huge fan and i hope to see a new movie come out soon.

  154. Umaroth elda says:

    Where is solembum and Angela

  155. Jon says:

    First of all, the Eragon movie was by far the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I can see how some people may enjoy if they had never read the books.
    The movie didn’t have elves, dwarves, or urgals. Arya was just some human girl and Hrothgar (Dwarf king in the book) was just a short guy. The Urgals were the worst instead of being big Minotaur like creatures with huge horns, they are called Rams in the book for a reason, in the movie they are just fat, ugly, painted men. The one good thing i can say about the movie is that Saphira looked amazing. But the plot, character choices, setting, and pathetic budget are terrible. no chance for sequel. remake is only possibility.

  156. Emperor Constantine says:

    For books as incredible and best-selling as the Inheritance series, the film needs the big-name director behind it such as JJ Abrams, Peter Jackson, or Steven Spielberg. Along with that, there needs to be good acting and not all British actors. Jeremy Irons did a fantastic job, but the movie bombed in theaters and was an overall failure to fans, hence the lack of a sequel thus yet. With the fourth and last book in the series, Inheritance, having just been released 2 months ago and being the best one yet, hopefully someone comes along to remake the first one and put into it the money, time, accuracy, and planning that all great movies require.

  157. nagi white dragon rider says:

    i hope to god that they make 2 3 4 in to movies

  158. Jared says:

    I would love to see all 4 books made into movies but they messed up the story too much in the first movie to go ahead and continue the story without first remaking the first movie.

  159. Rob says:

    i agree with rob. the movie was good but totally needs to be remaid with a better budget.

  160. Alisdair says:

    The thing is, is that the first Eragon missed out so many parts of the story that it is impossible to make the next film because of how much is missing. If they want to make Eldest then they need to remake the first one. Which I really hope they do, I mean yeah movies based on books miss a few things out, but this just missed mostly everything out.

  161. schneck says:

    This all sounds like star wars gees. Anyway for someone that hasent read the book a freckin loved it an still watch it over an over. Wwish there was a sec part so bad its like they planned on it with the teasers of kings dragon what about eragon does ne get the girl they need a sec extreamly good movie greet graphics great storie

  162. laneika says:

    are you serious -.- these were just clips from eragon. i really like the books my self :P i just got the lastest book for christmas, but the only way you will know that they will make it, if they show actual dialoge, and durza and brom die in eragon, so how could they sudenly apperar in eragon 2 -_- js

  163. alexis says:

    I have read the books but I still loved the first movie. Yes many things were different in the film but it was still a great movie. I wished they would make the next three books into movies as well.

  164. Dizzy says:

    honestly those who think there will be a second film dont get your hopes up because it will never come true
    as a person who is a massive fan of the eragon book series. i also loved the film where it may not have even compared in the slightest to the book never in a million years will a movie comepare to the book because with how big the books are in these types of series the movies would truly jst become to long yes it would make for an interesting watch but as one of the above people said this movie is for people of all ages if they made it anything close to the book kids would get bored about an hour or so into the movie imply because its far to long and because they would never truly comprehend it as far as all the politics in the series go. it would simply be impossible. but with regards to all that i have said i to hope that they would complete the series even if they dont compare to the books they would still make for great movies. and yes i know it all counts on the revenue they get and what the film industry thinks but honestly who gives a crap they should listen to the fans then take it into consideration of whether or not to make the rest of the series thats my opinion. for those who have only seen the movie and never read the books i higly suggest for you to read them it will give you something to do for a week whille you read the series.

  165. NYC hunk says:

    I enjoyed this film and my family as well. I have not read the books but there should be a sequel. The problem was not enough advertisement to the film. The trailer arrived kind late as well. Saphira the dragon was an awesome character. Do not kill her off. Get someone to direct this film right like Michael Bay or James Cameron.

  166. Rick says:

    they really need to make another a second and third and fourth movie, my girlfriend and I love the movies and the books so it’s a massive let down that they won’t finish making the movies

  167. kate says:

    i think the movie is just as good as the books, cuz i love to read eragon and watch the movie 24-7

  168. Christian says:

    I don’t think that Eldest should even be attempted to be made until Eragon is REmade, with a different director, different actors (except for Brom) and more adherence to the original story line. I don’t necessarily think that the movie needs to hold strictly to the book, and I don’t think that the movie needs to include everything that happens in the book. But I think that all of the characters should look like they are described in the book. For example, Arya looks too human. Her eyes are round, too level, and she doesn’t have pointy ears. The Ra’zac are COMPLETELY wrong. They are made of bugs and dirt, and the movie portrays them to be made from Durza’s magic instead of being an actual species (which would create problems for a third and fourth movie). The Urgals in the movie look like nothing but dumb squat cavemen as opposed to being near human, extremely tall and well built (Kull), and most importantly WITH HORNS. Also, the imaging for Saphira needs to be redone. She shouldn’t have feathers (there should be a membrane on her wings), she needs to have neck spikes, her fangs need to be larger, her scales should be bluer (more like saphire) and her fire needs to be blue, not orange.I think that the events that are included in the movie should happen in the correct sequential order (ie when Saphira hatches, when Eragon finds out about Brom being a rider, when he obtains Za’aroc, when Eragon meets Murtagh etc.) Also, there are a couple of key scenes in the book that need to be in the movie, like Brom and Eragon meeting Jeod, The trek across the Hadarac Desert, and meeting the Twins in Farthen Dur. The only way the story line can progress in movie form is if the first movie is completely redone.

  169. Christian says:

    Oh, and Eragon’s gedwey ignesea needs to be a silver oval on his palm, not something that looks like a burn in the shape of an e.

  170. Amethyst777 says:

    The first book of the Eragon series wasn’t the best in the series, but it was necessary to get to the good stuff in the following books. I think the movies would just get better and better, just like the books did :)

  171. danas says:

    yeah surely need to make the other films for this movie it was a awesome films and was very different then any other dragon film….this is truly a new genre of its own. We are deprived of the story on film

  172. Dragon is awsome make more make more please I love dragon I read all the books and I want to see more

  173. tom says:

    i have just finished reading all three books and my love of the series is growing everyday. I wont spoil it but the ending is so epic it brought a tear to my eye. Hope that they write a forth book. I admit after reading the books the movie has alot of errors in it and missing major plot points but its understandable because you only have so much money and time in a movie. I really, really hope that they make a second movie and third after that, i suggest that they be longer like the LOTR trilogy (3 hours). I truely love this series and would like to see another movie

  174. Kevin says:

    Eragon 2 needs to be made

  175. Matt says:

    Honestly, i love these books i loved them. I truly believe the inheritance cycle can turn into something so great and amazing, in time. I just finished the last book. loved it. Ending was sad in so many ways but also, leaving so many things unanswered. They have got to make more movies, they do not realize that if they put the time and effort into it like they have Harry Potter, and also even a movie like Avatar, these books could make some of the most amazing movies ever. I really believe it can happen but no one out there in the business truly cares? That’s what sucks, i mean they want money fast and easy. Just how the world is i guess, but other than that a new movie is needed. There is so many fans of the series and has even picked up fans from the movie. The movie in my opinion, was terrible. If you have read the book and pictured it the way i have, so much better. They cut off to much, and when i realized Eragon and Brom reach the city Terim, i was furious. They had left so much out and changed the story. Also when the shade Durza fought on the back of some shadow beast? WHERE in gods name did that thing come from? Even if in the book it would of looked stupid. Just saddens me when there is so much potential in this book, and would make a fine T.V series or movie series. I really hope someone decides to make something out of these books, i truly love them. No they are not my life i do many other things? Do i think making another movie will make my life better? Yes, yes i do think it will. Just so much i want to see, i would love to see my imagination of how i thought the book out to be displayed on a picture screen as if i am watching my own memories. I had pictured so many things it is actually unbelievable how much i pictured now that i think about it. I am sure almost all the readers of this series feel the same way, just because there is so much detail involved. Just gets me excited thinking about it, and i am not about to give up on the books i have read them all twice except the last. I am perfectly fine willing to go through them again to pass the time waiting for another movie. If it does not happen, many people will be quite sad, i am sure. So my imagination will have to do i guess. Never read a book as great as these, that is my opinion though on the books. Just i am just sharing how i feel and how badly i would love to see these books as movies. The first movie was bad but however they can always make it up in the second movie. That would be a fine deal since the second book is probably my favourite. If anyone agrees or even reads this, please post your thoughts on this. I just want who ever has the power to start something that can snowball this into what most want, the movie. Great books, nothing more i could ask but maybe a 5th book to asnwer my questions and many others.

  176. Seth says:

    Nobody understands why they cant make a freaking sequel to this. I read the first book before the movie and didnt watch it until it came out of DVD. It seriously didnt even try to follow the book. They messed it up so bad in the first movie that if they decided to make the second one, it wouldnt make any sense. Because in the first move they failed to introduce the dwarves who are a big part in the second and third book. The director just needs to sit the hell down and never make another movie. Read the books and understand my outrage.

  177. Thomas says:

    I agree with those saying they should make a second movie. There are too few films like these and I would love to see more. I HAVE read all of the books and was slightly disappointed by the fact that the makers skipped alot of opportunities. I would have liked to have seen more of eragons training, his and broms travels together for example but the film was still good.

    I hope that you do make a eragon 2 and try to make it follow the story line abit better. Please please make a sequel!! :-)

  178. chris says:

    steven spielberge would be the perfect director
    for a sequel.

  179. jeffrey says:

    i hated the movie for many reason for one saphira doesnt turn into a grown dragon just magicly and the actress who play arya looked nothing like the arya in the book and i have lots more reasons to hate the movie they would have to remake the intire first movie to make it closer to the book i know you cant make a movie exactley like the book but hell they butchered this movie

  180. Zackery says:

    I personally thought the movie was awesome but when i saw how different it was from the book, i was seriously disapointed. I wish those directors would redo the whole dang movie and this time make it more connected to the book. I have started the 2nd book right now but i have to reread the first because the last time i read it i was too young so i dont remember. i mean seriously these directors should have actually bothered to READ the book before deciding how to make it.

  181. Michael says:

    Not many people have seen it I always think it was going to be a bad film but after watching on tv they need a secard one the show what happens next

  182. kris says:

    Have to give my ten cents…just now finishing the 4th book have fell in love with this story since Eragon…the movie was a little hit of a let down due to book being so good. Once over that it wasn’t that bad of a movie after watching the trailer…why didn’t this get released it looked good and they could’ve kept their story going and got back on base with the release it and continue making the movies!!!!….ps.. for those that post that have not read books…read them you’ll see why readers down the movie.

  183. suni says:

    I have read the book AND seen the movie. So for all of you that says you will understand when you’ve read he book are just idiots because a movie is never the same as the book DUH. Same as Twilight you retards! Eragon is one of my favorite movies and I would literally wish upon a 2nd movie.

  184. enemigh says:

    The book was well written and the movie was a piece of shit

  185. Shroom says:

    The reason the first eragon movie sucked is simple. Wen a director makes a movie from a book series they read the series to get a mental note about how the movie shld come out, the director gets alot of good ideas about it, so my guess is Peter Jackson hasn’t read the series to completely understand how to make the movie great like LOTR. If he wld cld just take the time nd read the books nd visualize wat he wants to put on film it wld be just as good as LOTR, plz redo the first eragon movie nd start from there

  186. sincerely yours says:

    This movie should not of failed because the books were awesome. I agree they should start from scratch and attempt remaking the first book. They should include all major characters that were in the book in some small way to keep truer to the books. We need an Eragon we can fall in love with, so whoever they choose should 1/ Read the series and 2/ Become the Eragon Christopher created. I would of also like to have heard a younger female voice for Saphira, she sounded more like his mother in the movie, not good.
    Perhaps they went to quickly to get the movie out there, but if they did a remake with a few changes, I would go see it (again).

  187. An Old Man says:

    I am 55 yrs old and I still would like to believe in magic and fantsey. I have not read the books but I and my childern and grand childern still like to watch movie about honor, respect and finding self worth. These are thing that we in this world has forgotten and with a world that has become more media friendly and money movie are becoming a great way to start discussions about these things. I would love to see a second movie and my sons and grand son would love share more times around our visions of dragons and rescue of fair maidens in distress. WE NEED A SECOND ERAGON MOVIE!!!!!!!!

  188. James says:

    I have finished the Inheritance series. I did enjoy the Eragon movie however, with all the stuff it cut out, I was slightly disappointed. But I also believe that since Lord of the Rings did so well, even though the movies were almost three hours long each, Eragon could have and would have done a lot better if they would have made the movie longer. King Kong, also 3 hours, did extremely well. I am very annoyed at the critics who only like movies if they are the type of crap movies out today that win those stupid Oscars and don’t really deserve it. In my opinion, Eragon was loads better than Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I pray for a movie adaption of Eldest.

  189. Angel Crane says:

    For all those people that keep saying “read the book to know why it sucked”. Not all of us are bookworms. I don’t want to read the #%**€** book now or ever!!!! I am a visual person and the Eragon movie aced providing awesome visuals. I want an Eragon 2,3,4 etc and wouldn’t even want it to follow any books I just want it to be as completely AWESOME as the first one and look great AGAIN ony 55″ flatscreen. The future is here and I’m not going to miss out on it by just imagining crap out of a book! Not that I’d never read at all….. Just that I’d prefer the stunning visuals, wonderful plot, and a heartwarming story acted out by perfect cast of FRESH faces. I mean this movie did bring in 3 times what they spent making it. Also me and others I know didnt even know of this movie in 2006 ; in fact it took almost 4 yrs for us too hear of and see. That’s what the problem is it came out b4 it’s time and the only people chopping at the bit to see it were the very judgemental bookwormers!!!!! Give Eragon another chance Hollywood. I KNOW it would be such a HUGE hit. Like someone else said this is such a refreshing change from all the stuff usually out. And I’m tired of lookin at the same old people in the same old kind of movies. I want fantasy, magic, dragons …….I WANT MORE ERAGON. And read all the other comments so do AN AWFUL LOT of PEOPLE!!!!

  190. Ben says:

    I loved the movie it was brilliant it had eberything i loved Mythological creatures, magics and adventure the book was amazeing and the film was not as good but it was still a AMAZEING film i had no problem with the acters i thought the guy who played Eargon was brilliant, Arya wasnt brilliant but she was good. All together this film was amazeing and should make a second one but since everyone who watched and have read the book are thinking, “Weres the part when he do does that? Or what about that part?” Its a 2 and a half hour movie its almost impossible to fit it all in. Brilliant make a second!

  191. surendr thakur says:

    hello sir i m from country nepal. Me and my frenz have watched da awesome movie eragon more than 15 times and we are still waiting for it sequel. Plz dont make us and other viewers disapointed.

  192. nitoy99 says:

    I think a sequel is in order despite the commercial failure on the first one.
    IMO the sequel would fare alot better because I think the Eragon fan base has since grown.
    The only reason why I read all the books is because I saw the movie.

  193. choon says:

    The movie sucked. Make it again. Make it better or I will personally smite all responsible for creating the first movie. I swear. The movie was a huge let down.

  194. justin says:

    The first movie was great. they should make a sequel cause You can’t leave the movie the way it ended. A sequelmay be what the franchise needs to give it a little boost

  195. johann says:

    I TOTALY agree james.Eragon was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.Every one is writing about lord of the rings and how it would suck without just the first movie.Eldest would make an great movie.The same goes to Brisingr.I’m busy reading Inheritance and so far i;m injoying it very much.People shoul stop reading other crap and start reading Christopher Paolini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He’s books inspired me so much I’m writing my own book.But since I saw Eragon I’ve been praying for the director to film Eldest,Brisingr and now Inheritnace.

  196. johann says:

    I also agree with matt.I love thee books and would watch their movies over and over.And the part where Durza fought Eragon and Saphira-that is the biggest pile of crap that i’ve ever heard of!They left out many parts of the tale,but it was still a great movie.And a fith book would also explain many things that remain a mystry.If you guys would do the trouble go to the back of the book to ACKNOWLEDGMENTS you wil find that Christopher states that he might someday write a fiith book.So let us all hope that happens.Se onr sverdar sitja hvass,,Atra du envarinya ono varda and Atra esterni ono thlduin Christopher!!

  197. Marge Wurtzel says:

    I really wish they would come out with the movie Eldest! I have been looking ever since Eragon came out for the next one… After reading here many people are wanting a sequel! Those that didnt like the first movie do not need to go the the second!! Those of us that loved this movie NEED to see more!
    What movie ever really follows the book anyway, and to me, It doesn’t need to!! A book is a book and a movie is a movie … if it is well made who cares? ? The Twilight series, I didn’t think, was all that good either! Please make an ERAGON part 2!!

  198. Lotty holmes says:

    There needs to be another film. Just watched eragon and nearly finished the third book. By all the comments on here there are a few people that want it. So let’s hope the powers that be see all these comments and get on and make eldest. It’s very much needed.

  199. jennifer says:

    they should make all the books into movies, like they did the Twilight series. Christopher Paolini was Fifteen when he wrote Eragon. that is so good, how many fifteen year olds write books, that are this good. Now they just need to make the movies so we can watch Saphira and Eragon kill King Galbatorix.

  200. james says:

    people who read this and all the pepel who are eragon seris fans who love the seris deserve a right to make the studio who made eragon to make the other moves ELDEST, BRISINGER, AND INHERATANCE and do we the peopel deserve a chance th have the peole make part 2 of eragon if you agree than read this commet

  201. impatient girl says:

    I have not read the books but want to. I did watch the movie and LOVED it. I LOVE dragon movies. I really hope they take the chance and make the 2nd movie. The first one really left me waiting and impatient to see the second movie!! I have been disappointed that one has not came out yet. I’ve been waiting 6 years it seems.

  202. Sam says:

    Ive just watched Eragon and looked straight after to see if there was a sequel as the film ended in that note, So dissapointed to find out that there isn’t one, Im really into my fantasy films and I thought this was really good, good story and good actors. Please make one….

  203. Cat says:

    Personally my daughters and I LOVE this movie and we upset that there hasn’t been a second movie. My oldest daughter has read the books and STILL wants more of the movies. We have ERAGON and watch it still about 3 to 4 times a week if not more.

  204. jen says:

    for who haven’t read the book..i think this movie is superb..and deserves a sequel^^ sure, there may be differences from the books and the movies, since anything could be possible in books, which could not be possible on the screen.. i still hope they release a second one^^ hhh

  205. jen says:

    For one who haven’t read the book..i think this movie is superb..and deserves a sequel^^ sure, there may be differences from the books and the movies, since anything could be possible in books, which could not be possible on the screen.. i still hope they release a second one^^ hhh

  206. jen says:

    just because it does not follow the book scene per scene doesn’t make less interesting^^ hehe..part 2 please^^ hhh

  207. tim solway says:

    THIS WAS A WELL WRITTEN MOVIE FOR YOUNG CROWD but at the same time deserves it sequel since it had be expected at the end,
    im 24 I must admit as I found it quite cheesey it made me have them same feelings from when I was a kidso I believe its a film for all ages. Whether or not you like the the fx , you should admire the classic fairytale feel to it.

  208. PatrickInBama says:

    The first movie sucked. It was so awful, I didn’t want to read the books. I figured if the movie was like the books, no way do I want read any of it. My wife and kids have read all of them and said the movie was horrid. They liked the kid actor, but everything else either didn’t follow the book or was porrly acted. Casting John Malkovich as the uber bad guy was a bad decison considering I thought he was playing his character from Con Air. The scene where the dragon flew up as a babe and came back down as an adult was lame, lame, lame. It also robbed the actors of much needed time to setup their relationship which the book digs deeper. I felt more bonding between the dragon and the knight in Dragonheart. The worst thing about the movie was that fricking music. Did it have to be the same climatic theme even when he’s eating? Seemed they added that high-tension music theme to every part of the movie even when there wasn’t any fighting.

  209. luke says:

    I own Eragon and im reading the books they are Superb and it would be wonderful if they are going to make another one but to my disappiontment i do not beilve there will be another one

  210. jessica says:

    I personally just finished Inheritance which was the final book in the Eragon series. Book 4. My son and I love lord of the rings but we both agree that given the chance the Eragon series would be just as much of a hit (if not more).

  211. Nuro Missile says:

    Ok people. They are not going to be making the second book into a movie until they remake the first one. The idiot of a director screwed it up too much. They can’t make the next one or it would make no sense at all. I know that they can’t make the movie entirely like the book, but they need to keep key characters and CITIES, they left out 3 cities for crying out loud, key events. The ra’zac are not supposed to die in this movie. Brom dies before they meet Arya, Murtagh helps save her. The ra’zac kill brom, not a shade, Horst’s sons don’t get taken away, Roran doesn’t say “The mighty hunter returns” nor does he leave so that he doesn’t get taken away by the soldiers. Brom has a long white beard, Urgals are not humans (they have horns and are 8 to 10 ft. tall) Saphira doesn’t purposely turn Brom’s tomb to crystal, the seeing as one ain’t a spell. Where is Angela(she is actually in the movie but not as an important character as she is in the book), Solembum , the twins, Katrina, Gertrude, Jeod, and Orik. (feel free to add anyone who is missing from my list) Where is the sparing scene between Eragon and Arya? What about Hrothgar and his hall? Aren’t they supposed to make a saddle for Saphira? And, NO, NO, NO, NO! A dragon DOES NOT die when it’s rider does.The Varden DOES NOT live in a mountain where everything grows. The mountain is not supposed to be lit by sunlight but for an hour each day. Arya DOES NOT leave for Ellesmera at the end. When they find her she is NOT awake. We don’t find out that she is the princess of Ellesmera until the second book. Murtagh is allowed into the battle. Eragon is imprisoned somewhere in the book if I’m not mistaken. There aren’t any soldiers inside the village. Where are the traders and the snow? Sloan is not any kind of nice to Eragon in the book. Arya has dark hair and is pale, with red lips. She is an ELF. Where are the dwarves? Galbatorix does not have any part in the first book. Durza does NOT have a dragon. Eragon, Murtagh, and Saphira fight Kull right as the Varden drag them in.The journey to the Varden took MONTHS NOT DAYS to complete. Brom does not want to take Eragon to the Varden right away. Garrow does not die the way he did. He doesn’t get a funeral fit for a king, he gets buried. Eragon scrapes the skin off his legs while riding Saphira. and she has spikes up and down her spine, with a hollow at the base of the neck. She does NOT have feathers on her wings, its a membrane. She has spikes on her tail. Eragon has a scar on his back at the end of the book. The Ra’zac don’t kill Sloan. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on for a little more but whats the point? Oh yeah, i want to set all of you people straight. Where is the star sapphire? Where is the endless staircase? Where is the slide Eragon slides down? Where are the spells used to dull the edge of a blade? Eragon used magic for the first time on 2, TWO, DOS, urgals. Not a whole bridge of them. Brom tracked down some urgals that Eragon accidentally let go. Where is the chapel scene? Eragon doesn’t meet Murtagh in any city. Murtagh saves Eragon from the Ra’zac. Saphira DOES NOT grow up in seconds. It takes months for that to happen. The Ra’zac have black cloaks on. They have beaks. They don’t have swords attached to their arms. Eragon gives Saphira a name, not the other way around. Eragon might be slightly ignorant in the books but DANG, he is and IDIOT in the movie. Eragon was 15 when the book started, not 17. In the book, Galbatorix does NOT want to kill Eragon. He wants to enslave him, thereby enslaving Saphira. Since she IS the LAST female dragon, and he wants to rebuild the dragon riders. But no, we have a screenwriter that need to be punched in the face. Murtagh does NOT want to go to the Varden and he reveals that he is Morzan’s son BEFORE they reach the Varden. The king’s soldiers are never at the major battle scene at the end. I would have done a better job writing the script. What happened to the river they had to cross? Seriously, how in the heck do you screw something up this bad. I have seen babies smarter than these freaking idiots who call themselves director and screenwriter. There are most likely a lot more major differences but I am too tire of talking about it.
    Similarities- Names and main idea
    Differences- Just about everything else.

  212. Gimbus14 says:

    After reading books, i wished to so remake or it would be even better to see high quality serial, like ” Game of Tron”, this way we could see less story cuts, which make film less good than book. ( Wathing Films is better than reading, but i love both ). sorry for bad English ;p

  213. L. G. says:

    I never saw the movie, but judging from friends reactions, ratings, the amount of differences, and the trailer itself, I won’t be seeing it anytime soon. My friends and I loved the books, so when we found out that it didn’t at all follow the storyline, we were appalled. If they make Eldest into a movie, clean up the Eragon movie first. If you don’t a sequel makes no sense; everything riding upon the transition to the next book was taken out.

  214. Marcus Muller says:

    OK let me say this real fast
    The Movie was a good movie
    The Book was an amazing book
    But the movie is nothing like the book. I liked them both but the movie just slaughtered the story line

  215. Mathis says:

    Is this the second Video about Eragon?

  216. Spooks says:

    Even tho the movie was filled with really bad acting and a storyline too different from the movie, and was way too short and fast forwarded its still a gd movie. AND one can always strive to make the second movie better! The books are awsome, change the director of the movies and make it longer and it will be epic!

  217. Fenrir says:

    I must say, i red every eragon book and was first kinda dissapointed, but that was no different with lord of the rings, But after the second time i watched the movie Eragon i looked a bit more objective and its a great movie, the animations and the cast…they just fit in there roles. Sure its a bit wacko to see someone else in the movie as in your imagination as u red the book but, all over its a good fit. When i remember some parts of Eragon i just cant imagine there wont be another movie….there are so many great situations and battles hidden inside these books, there must be a sequel for it.

  218. Savannah says:

    i think they should continue on with eragon they need to finish like the dragon in the end who was it

  219. Nuro Missile says:

    They CAN NOT MAKE the second movie. If they did they would completely destroy the story line. They have to remake the first one to even start to make sense. They left out Angela, Solembum, Jeod, the dwarves, and the elves. They left out the second most important city in the book along with the whole story. They left out the star saphire and eragon’s scar. The prophesy is the most important part they left out. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ARYA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  220. jas says:

    i will love to see a part 2 to this movie. i loved it and the books. please bring it out.

  221. bfan says:

    I am a Harry Potter fan and I regard the Eragon series of books with the same admiration. I have and enjoy reading them and will do so serveral times during my life. I own Eragon as I own all of the Harry Potter movies and I do feel that there would be a following for this series. I also love the Chronicals of Narnia and love to share the imagination of these fantasy worlds with my grandaughters and there are three of them and they range in age from 3 – 8 and we love sharing ideas for play themes.

  222. cec1322 says:

    With what they did with the first movie they can’t make a sequel. They would have to remake eragon because they skipped so many crucial parts from the book. The first time I saw it I liked it then I read the books and realized how off it was. They really screwed it up but I wouldn’t mind if they remade the first one into two two and a half hour movies and did it with the rest of the books. Doing that they could definitely make more movies and money which is definitely one of the only things these people cared about with eragon.

  223. ScooteMagooter says:

    Uh they can easily make a sequel. It’s called using one’s imagination and it doesn’t actually have to follow the storyline of the books, it can be completely different. Gee what a concept. The movie was good despite not being accurate to the book. Look at the LTR books, total crap, I don’t care what anybody says. They were overally descriptive and dull, probably could have been shortened to just one book. The movies were awesome, compared to the books.

  224. etch says:

    i liked this movie when it first came out because i had not read the book, but when i did and returned to compare the two titles i couldnt even watch the first 30 min, it pales in comparison to the book, read the book people you will fall in love with the story

  225. Helen S says:

    I along with my husband and two young sons thoroughly enjoy watching Eragon. None of us have read the books but the film made my boys ask if we could get them as they would like to read them. We are all very sad that the film ended but didnt end and looked as though there would be a sequel. To our extreme disappointment no sequel was made.

    And to all you guys who have read the books, since when has any film that is ‘based’ on the books every been true to the books. It didn’t stop the Harry Potter fans watching and reading!!

    So come on guys make a sequel to make loads of fans of Eragon THE FILM very happy xx

  226. Helen S says:

    WAS THIS FILM ONLY MADE FOR THE READERS OF ERAGON? Such a bad projection on the film makers behalf. Bring out Eragon 2!!

  227. chris says:

    i love this film why didnt bring out eragon 2?It is fantastic

  228. Xan says:

    Imo great movie. Have not read the books so i can not compare but i love dragons, an i am sad there are no second movie and so on…

  229. Henri H says:

    This trailer is failure.. It consists of awesomest parts from Eragon 1..

  230. keith says:

    they should deff make the rest of the movies, i mean i’ve read the books 15 times over and would be extactic to see the remainder be put into movies

  231. Savannah Butler says:

    I agree with you BooksSuck :) . and besides they can’t make the movie just like the book,because you always be looking at a 5? hour movie.. and you will be watching the same darn thing you read..
    I personally Loved The Eragon Movie, and so does my nephew. And Yes I Read The Books and I liked Them too. But I Would Love To See them continue with what they started :) Sequel !!!!!

  232. Ian Talbot says:

    We all loved Aragon!!! Really do hope that there is a Aragon 2 movie made. Didn’t know there were Aragon books. Will have to find the books!

  233. Samuel Vandelier says:

    I agree they need to come out with a second film I just watched the first movie awseome. The first terminator movie was crap, but they still made there more movies that were a hit. This is the first movie of dragon make the second break the bricks and become an even bigger hit. Whoever says this movie was bad is an idiot and obviously does not know how to rate movies. Come out with second movie and show these people it can be one of the next biggest hits of the year.

  234. will says:

    This always happens to syfi and fantasy movies, there’s never enough public support or fans, not saying theres none because there are thousands, but there’s always more critics that never let any thing have a chance. Just look at joss whedon and some of his series some/ most are awesome but don’t last long because people would rather whatch big brorther or some other reality crap and wait for the other stuff to come out on DVD to watch, but by that time the show/ movie has been so badly criticized it get cancelled, and the real fans are left to suffer. Also eragon I believed was well done and there should be more.

  235. eragon fan says:

    Read the books seen the movie loved em make eragon 2 damit

  236. me says:

    I think it stupid to say the movie sucked because I read the book. Its not a book, its a movie! If you want to read the book then read the book, if you want to see a movie then watch the movie. I keep seeing people say, thats a mistake because its not in the book. Here is the truth, there is no such thing as dragons, or any of this stuff. Its all made up. If the book writers say its one way and the movie writers say its another, well they are both made up stuff. There is no right or wrong in a made up story. Its all make believe. Its stupid to think someone has to follow the story exactly how the original author wrote it. They don’t because its not history, its entertainment. And guess what even if you watched the movie but did not like it, they still got your money. Stop bitching and just watch the movie.

  237. nick says:

    The movie just leaves you begging for more they should deff make a,sequel

  238. richard says:

    There should be a 2nd movie. The first one was great. I can and have watched the first one more than 1000 times. I loved it and can’t wait for the next one. I can also speak for over 500 of my frien ds who are looking for the next one to come out. Forget what the people who believe that a movie HAS to follow the book exactly say. The movie was great and needs to finish the series.

  239. Bonnie says:

    I loved this movie. Maybe because I hadn’t read the book, but I thought the movie itself was great. I wish they had a sequel.

  240. Cara says:

    I have read the books and watched the film and loved them both. People that complain about things like, the film was different from the book, they missed bits out…. So what, get over it. You watch a film to be entertained with someone else’s imagination and a book is your own. As it should be. Make part 2.